Lurasidone-[d8] Sulfoxide

General Information
Catalog: BLP-004292
Molecular Formula: C28H28D8N4O3S
Molecular Weight: 516.72
Chemical Structure
Lurasidone-[d8] Sulfoxide
Description Lurasidone-[d8] Sulfoxide is the labelled analogue of Lurasidone Sulfoxide, an analogue of Lurasidone Hydrochloride, which is an antipsychotic used for treatment of schizophrenia.
Synonyms Lurasidone Sulfoxide-d8; (3aR,4S,7R,7aS)-2-(((1R,2R)-2-((4-(1-Oxidobenzo[d]isothiazol-3-yl)piperazin-1-yl-d8)methyl)cyclohexyl)methyl)hexahydro-1H-4,7-methanoisoindole-1,3(2H)-dione
Related CAS 1809325-45-8 (unlabelled)
Purity 98% by CP

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