Radioisotope Labeling Services

BOC Sciences uses 14C, 3H, 18F, 32P, 35S, 125I and other radioactive isotopes to label small molecule compounds, peptides, antibodies, nanoparticles, etc. In addition, our laboratory is equipped with first-class, complete, large-scale testing instruments and equipment that can analyze and separate radioisotope-labeled compounds to achieve the specific activity and radiochemical purity required by the experiment. Adhering to the business philosophy of customer first and striving to meet customer needs, BOC Sciences provides quality services ranging from milligrams to kilograms.

Radioisotope labeling technology has the advantages of high sensitivity, strong selectivity, wide applicability, and convenient detection. Radioisotope-labeled compounds are broadly used in biochemistry and molecular biology and are often used in ADME research. The pharmacokinetic data of radioisotope-labeled drugs after administration can be used as an important basis for the safety evaluation of new drugs. In the early stage of drug development, radioisotope-labeled compounds are valuable investigative tools for further drug discovery.

Our Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Radioactive isotope labeling of small molecule compounds
  • Radioisotope labeled antibody
  • Radioisotope labeled nanoparticles
  • Radioisotope labeling of biological proteins and peptides
  • Small animal live imaging system service

Our Radioisotopes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 14C, 11C Radiolabeling
  • 3H Radiolabeling
  • 32P Radiolabeling
  • 35S Radiolabeling
  • 18F Radiolabeling
  • 125I Radiolabeling
  • 68Ga Radiolabeling


Radioisotopes labeled compounds have a high degree of consistency in chemical and biological behavior but different nuclear physical properties compared to non-radioactive isotopes labeled compounds of the same element. Moreover, because radioisotope continuously attenuates and emits characteristic rays, the radioactivity detector is used to measure the change of the radioactivity ratio to reveal the quantification and positioning of the labeled compound. This radioactive detection also reflects the material law in the organism and clarifies the detailed process of the chemical reaction.

Our Advantages

Radioisotope Labeling Services

Labeling Services Workflow

  1. Contact by phone or email to receive and sign a confidentiality agreement after confirming cooperation intention.
  2. Fill out inquiry forms by customers for radioisotope labeling services.
  3. BOC Sciences provides service quotations.
  4. Contact by phone or email to receive and sign a radioisotope labeling service agreement after confirmation.
  5. Carry out radioisotope labeling services. The two parties shall maintain close communication and cooperation throughout the process.
  6. Upon project completion, BOC Sciences will provide quality inspection reports and deliver products to customer's designated location.

BOC Sciences provides a full range of customized radioisotope labeling services, from labeling location selection, radiosynthesis route optimization to final product purification and analysis. As a professional team, first-class synthesis and purification technology, rigorous work attitude, and strict quality requirements are essential guarantees to meet customer requirements.

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