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BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with various deuterium-labeled peptides, amino acids, nucleic acids, steroids, APIs, impurities, inhibitors, metabolites, carbohydrates, polymers, fatty acids and lipids, as well as other products.


Hydrogen is a significant life element, and it is also the basis for a variety of biological macromolecules to form complex structures. There are three isotopic forms of hydrogen in nature, namely protium (1H), deuterium (2H), and tritium (3H). The most common isotope of hydrogen is protium, which accounts natural abundance of more than 99% and is mainly distributed in water and various hydrocarbons. Deuterium is a rare, stable, non-radioactive hydrogen isotope used as a tracer atom in chemical and biological research. Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is extremely limited in nature.

Deuterium labeled compounds

A deuterium-labeled compound replaces ordinary hydrogen with stable isotope deuterium as a label. Deuterium has a geometric structure similar to hydrogen and variability in space. Therefore, deuterium-labeled compounds generally maintain biochemical activity and selectivity. As tracers, deuterium-labeled compounds play an important role in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, and life science research.

  • Chemistry: As a tracer, deuterium-labeled compounds have the functions of revealing the chemical reaction process, complex chemical structure, and chemical bond properties.
  • Medicine: Deuterium-labeled compounds can be used in clinical medicine to study metabolism in vivo and in vitro.
  • Pharmacy: Deuterium-labeled compounds can improve pharmacokinetic properties, reduce compound toxicity, enhance biological activity, and clarify the action mechanism of drugs to optimize new drug development processes and promote drug research.
  • Life sciences: In many research works of life sciences, such as cytology, molecular biology, and cancer diagnosis and treatment, deuterium-labeled compounds are indispensable research tools.

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