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There are many kinds of stable isotope labeled compounds. The applications of stable isotope labeled compounds can range from gases to complex molecules, and their applications have gradually infiltrated into various fields, such as chemistry, molecular biology, improvement of drug efficacy, medical diagnostic reagents, environmental detection, metabolic research, etc.

Application of stable isotope labeled compounds

(1) Application in chemistry

Stable isotope labeled small molecule compounds, including 2H, 13C, 15N labeled small molecule compounds, such as alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, benzene aromatic derivatives and other fine chemicals, can be used as chemical reference for chemical identification, qualitative, quantitative, detection, etc.

Stable isotope-labeled chemical solvents can be used for structural, quantitative, and purity analysis of compounds. Solvent labeled with stable isotope can also be used to study chemical reaction pathway, reaction mechanism and reaction kinetics. Stable isotope labeled compounds can also be used to make various types of nuclear magnetic solvents.

(2) Application in molecular biology

Molecular biological products prepared by stable isotopes mainly include protective amino acids, labeled media, carbohydrates, RNA/DNA labeled products, labeled proteins, labeled peptides, etc.

Stable isotope labeling is an excellent tool in molecular biology, especially for the study of the structure of proteins and peptides.

(3) Application in improving drug efficacy

Deuterium-labeled compounds are powerful tools for drug research. For stable isotope deuterium labeling medication, because C-D keys than C-H is more stable, deuterium generation of drugs by metabolic enzymes in organisms (such as cytochrome P450, monoamine oxidase and aldehyde oxidase, etc.) by catalytic metabolic process may be slowed sharply or suspended, affect drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and other characteristics, so as to bring a lot of clinical benefit, Such as prolonging drug half-life, reducing metabolic burden, reducing drug side effects and so on.

(4) Application in the research of medical diagnostic reagents

For the quantitative detection of low content analytes in complex substances, the most accurate method is the combination of isotope dilution and mass spectrometry. For example, stable isotope-labeled compounds, such as 13C-urea and 18O-H2O, can provide quantified isotope-labeled therapeutic drugs for forensic testing.

(5) Application in environmental detection

Stable isotope labeled compounds are used as standard fluids for environmental pollutants, including air, water, soil, sediment and food.

(6) Application in metabolic research

Stable isotope-labeled substrates for metabolic analysis include amino acids for studying protein and amino acid metabolism, carbohydrates for glucose metabolism, and fatty acids for lipolysis.  Stable isotope markers allow researchers to study metabolic pathways in vivo in a safe manner.

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