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BOC Sciences will update the new product list of stable isotope-labeled compounds from time to time to meet the different needs of customers.


Stable isotope labeled compounds are compounds that use stable isotopes to replace one or more atoms in the compound molecules. Stable isotope labeling method can introduce isotopes 15N, 13C, 18O, 36S through various derivation methods to achieve qualitative and quantitative analysis. The synthesis technology of stable isotope labeled compounds mainly includes inorganic synthesis, organic synthesis, biosynthesis and so on. Stable isotope labeling of organic or inorganic compounds is widely used in many fields such as life sciences, environment and agriculture.


  1. Life sciences
  2. Application in hormone metabolism regulation: by calculating the isotope ratio, we can study how hormones regulate the metabolic activities of tissues and cells to affect human physiological activities. For example, by injecting stable isotopes into jugular vein and measuring endogenous glucose production and insulin sensitivity with stable isotope labeled glucose, this technique provides a new research method for studying the central effect of hormones and nutrients on glucose metabolism.

    Application in the regulation of nucleic acid metabolism: By using stable isotope-labeled nucleic acids to trace microbial genomic DNA in complex environments, the study of single microbial physiological process has been transformed into the study of microbial community physiology and ecology, which can directionally explore important microbial resources at a higher and more complex overall level, and promote the development and application of microbial physiology and ecology and biotechnology.

    Application in regulation of other endogenous substances: Using stable isotope labeled vitamin to evaluate and solve the problem of malnutrition. For example, using stable isotope tracer technology to study the bio-transformation and bio-availability of vitamin A in vivo, so as to reveal the transformation law in vivo.

  3. Environment
  4. Stable isotope labeled compounds are widely used in the analysis of pollutants in the field of environment. Stable isotope labeled pollutant compounds can be used to analyze the source and transformation of nitrate and triazine pesticides in the environment and explore its pollution pathway. Stable isotope labeled impurity compounds can be used to determine aldehydes in the environment. In addition, stable isotope labeled impurity compounds can also realize the quantitative analysis of carbonyl substances in disinfected tap water, so as to control the risk of harmful substances in tap water.

  5. Agriculture
  6. Stable isotope labeled compounds can be used to determine fertilizer utilization. When the nutrient compounds in fertilizers labeled by stable isotope are applied to the soil of crops, the isotope dilution principle can be used to quantitatively determine the various nutrients in the fertilizer, so as to know the absorption and utilization rate of fertilizer nutrients by crops.

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