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Synthesis Reagents

Product List

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with isotope-labeled synthesis reagents. We offer a complete range of labeled synthesis reagents. All products come with comprehensive analytical data files and are of high chemical purity.

What is Isotope Labeled Synthesis Reagents ?

Isotope labeled synthesis reagents refer to replace one or more atoms in synthesis reagents molecular with isotopes. Synthesis reagents labeled by isotope mean chemical reagents such as intermediates and raw material monomers labeled by isotopes in the process of reagent synthesis.

Stable isotope labeling synthesis reagents could judge the process of biochemical reaction according to the moving position of tracer elements, so as to understand the structure and function of cells, the changes of chemical substances and the reaction mechanism.

Application Fields

  1. Stable isotope labeled synthesis reagents could mark an element and trace its transfer path. For example, labeling synthetic reagent with stable isotope 14C could study the polar transport of auxin and prove that plant auxin can only be transported from the upper end of morphology to the lower end of morphology. The use of stable isotope labeled synthetic reagents has the advantages of simple operation and cheap and easy availability of raw materials.
  2. Stable isotope labeled synthesis reagents could mark characteristic elements and explore the role of compounds. With the help of stable isotope tracer technology, the bio-transformation, bio-availability, absorption and retention of synthesis reactions in vivo are studied, so as to reveal the transformation law in vivo.
  3. Stable isotope labeled synthesis reagents can explore detailed physiological processes and biological principles. For instance, the secretion process of secretory proteins or the changes of chromosomes during mitosis can be studied by isotope labeling synthesis reagents.
  4. Stable isotope labeled synthesis reagents can be customized to synthesize compounds. The synthesis of target compounds using stable isotope labeled synthesis reagents has the advantages of short route, mild conditions, simple operation and high yield. Stable isotope labeled synthesis reagents could prepare products with high isotope abundance, and has the prospect of mass preparation and production

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