Labelled Inhibitors

Catalog Product Name CAS Number Inquiry
BLP-014101 Angiotensin II-[Phe8-(ring-d5)] 1926163-73-6 Inquiry
BLP-014100 Somatostatin-14-[Phe6-(ring-d5)] 1926163-72-5 Inquiry
BLP-014099 Ghrelin (human)-[Leu5-13C6] 1802078-40-5 Inquiry
BLP-014098 Glucagon (1-29) (human, rat, porcine)-[Leu14-13C6] 1802078-39-2 Inquiry
BLP-011730 Meloxicam-[d3] 942047-63-4 Inquiry
BLP-013130 Sulfadimethoxine-[d6] 73068-02-7 Inquiry
BLP-013869 Sulfanilamide-[d4] 77435-46-2 Inquiry
BLP-013857 3-Iodothyronamine-[d4] hydrochloride 884320-54-1 Inquiry
BLP-013856 Benzquinamide-[d3] hydrochloride 1329633-94-4 Inquiry
BLP-013855 LY 517717-[d8] 1346601-10-2 Inquiry
BLP-013840 Pramipexole-[N-Propyl-3,3,3-d3] dihydrochloride 1432230-10-8 Inquiry
BLP-013822 Ketotifen-[d3] fumarate 1795138-23-6 Inquiry
BLP-013817 Licofelone-[d4] 1189427-04-0 Inquiry
BLP-013811 BD1063-[d8] dihydrochloride 1246819-69-1 Inquiry
BLP-013810 JWH 175-[d11] 1794828-59-3 Inquiry
BLP-013809 Idazoxan-[d4] hydrochloride 1329834-12-9 Inquiry
BLP-013805 Belotecan-[d7] hydrochloride 1346598-22-8 Inquiry
BLP-013802 Phenylephrine-[d3] hydrochloride 1217858-50-8 Inquiry
BLP-013800 Indoramin-[d5] hydrochloride 1794970-78-7 Inquiry
BLP-013796 Granisetron-[d3] 1224925-64-7 Inquiry

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with isotope-labeled inhibitors. We offer a complete range of labeled inhibitors standards. All products come with comprehensive analytical data files and are of high chemical purity.

What are Isotope Labeled Inhibitors?

Inhibitors are substances used to block or slow down chemical reactions. Isotope labeled inhibitors refer to replacing one or more atoms in inhibitor molecules with isotopes. Stable isotopes labeled inhibitors are widely used in biomedicine, agriculture and environment.

Application fields

1. Application in biomedicine

Stable isotope labeled inhibitors are mainly used as tracers to track organisms in vivo and obtain mechanism information for the diagnosis of metabolic related diseases and imaging technology.

1.1 metabonomics

By introducing stable isotope labeled inhibitors, we could track the specific metabolic pathways and metabolites in organisms, so as to provide a basis for the study of synthetic biology, disease pathogenesis, drug metabolism and action mechanism.

1.2 imaging technology

Fibroblast activating protein (FAP) is a kind of protein secreted by tumor associated fibroblasts that can promote tumor growth and metastasis. By introducing stable isotope labeled FAP inhibitors, the biological distribution in vivo such as the uptake of animal organs can be observed. So it could be used as a low background imaging agent for the detection of tumors in corresponding target organs.

2. Application in agriculture

In the field of agriculture, stable isotope labeled inhibitors mainly use 15N labeled urea to explore the synergistic mechanism of nitrification inhibitors. Nitrification inhibitors can improve fertilizer utilization and reduce nitrogen loss. Stable isotope labeled nitrification inhibitors could accurately and quantitatively analyze the utilization rate of fertilizer nitrogen, so as to improve the efficiency of vegetable planting system.

3. Application in environment

In the field of environment, stable isotope labeled inhibitors are mainly used for the screening of herbicides. p-Hydroxyphenylpyruvatedioxygenase (HPPD) inhibitor, as a widely used herbicide, can inhibit the production of homogentisic acid (HGA) required for growth in plants. Stable isotope labeled HPPD inhibitors can evaluate the effect of herbicides by recording the signal value of isotopes to determine the generated CO2.

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