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Stable Isotope Labeling Services

With the progress of science, novel stable isotope-labeled substrates are needed in fields such as medicine, agriculture, environmental sciences and life sciences. Stable isotope-labeled techniques include tracers for clinical research, labeled amino acids for quantitative proteomics, and standards for metabolism research.

BOC Sciences is a supplier of stable isotope-labeled compounds, and we have been researching the development and production of stable isotopes as well as stable isotope-labeled compounds. Whether stock products or customized production services, our experienced professional scientists can find the best solution for you. Currently, our available stable isotopic labels include carbon-13, nitrogen-15, deuterium, and oxygen-18. We are committed to completing the multi-step synthesis of stable isotope-labeled compounds with a variety of labeling modes, including:

  • Labeled Impurities
  • Labeled Inhibitors
  • Labeled Metabolites
  • Labeled Polymers
  • Labeled Steroids
  • Labeled Vitamins
  • NMR Solvents and Consumables
  • Labeled Amino Acids
  • Labeled Peptides
  • Labeled Nucleic Acids
  • Labeled APIs
  • Labeled Building Blocks
  • Labeled Carbohydrates
  • Labeled Fatty Acids & Lipids¬†


Isotopes refer to elements of the same atomic number (number of protons) but different mass numbers (number of neutrons). A stable isotope is a type of isotope whose radioactivity cannot be detected by naturally occurring techniques. In nature, the chemical and biological properties of stable isotopes compounds and the corresponding elements compounds are identical except for the mass number. Thus, the use of stable isotopes in labeled compounds synthesis (such as labeled amino acids, labeled peptides, labeled nucleic acids, etc.) can act as tracers. Analytical instruments such as nuclear magnetism, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography are used to measure isotope ratio changes and thereby reveal the reaction pathaway and action mechanism.

Our Advantages

  • Synthesized quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms
  • Well-trained core technical team
  • Fully equipped label synthesis laboratory
  • Advanced testing equipment
  • Strict confidentiality system

Our Synthetic Expertise

Stable Isotope Labeling Services

Labeling Services Workflow

  1. Contact by phone or email to receive and sign a confidentiality agreement after confirming cooperation intention.
  2. Fill out inquiry forms by customers for radioisotope labeling services.
  3. BOC Sciences provides service quotations.
  4. Contact by phone or email to receive and sign a radioisotope labeling service agreement after confirmation.
  5. Carry out radioisotope labeling services. The two parties shall maintain close communication and cooperation throughout the process.
  6. Upon project completion, BOC Sciences will provide quality inspection reports and deliver products to customer's designated location.

BOC Sciences provides comprehensive stable isotope labeling products and related supporting services, such as labeled amino acids, peptides, fatty acids and lipids, nucleic acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, steroids, metabolites, APIs, impurities, and NMR solvents and consumables. Our expert team has extensive experience in all synthesis stages and has successfully contributed numerous compounds for the fields of medicine, agriculture and environment. The production, testing, packaging and release of all compounds follow strict specifications.

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