Labelled Steroids

Catalog Product Name CAS Number Inquiry
BLP-013799 Obeticholic acid-[d5] 1992000-80-2 Inquiry
BLP-013756 Drospirenone-[d4] 2376035-94-6 Inquiry
BLP-013683 Epitestosterone sulfate-[d3] triethylamine salt 182296-44-2 Inquiry
BLP-011402 Lanosterol-[d6] 28290-39-3 Inquiry
BLP-011401 Cholest-4-en-3-one-[d7] 2389048-48-8 Inquiry
BLP-011352 22:4 Cholesteryl ester-[d7] 2342574-92-7 Inquiry
BLP-011342 20:3 Cholesteryl ester-[d7] 2342574-76-7 Inquiry
BLP-011341 14:1 Cholesteryl ester-[d7] 2342574-68-7 Inquiry
BLP-011333 3β,7α-Dihydroxycholest-5-enoic acid-[d3] 2342573-95-7 Inquiry
BLP-011332 3β-Hydroxy-7-oxocholest-5-enoic acid-[d3] 2342573-92-4 Inquiry
BLP-011331 7α-Hydroxy-3-oxocholest-4-enoic acid-[d3] 2342573-89-9 Inquiry
BLP-011328 Dihydro T-MAS-[d6] 2315262-48-5 Inquiry
BLP-011327 Dihydro FF-MAS-[d6] 2315262-47-4 Inquiry
BLP-011268 Desmosterol ester-[d6] 2260669-31-4 Inquiry
BLP-011267 6α-Hydroxycholestanol 9Z-octadecenoate-[d7] 2260669-30-3 Inquiry
BLP-011266 Sitosterol-[d7] 2260669-28-9 Inquiry
BLP-011265 15:0 Cholesteryl ester-[d7] 2260669-27-8 Inquiry
BLP-011264 7β,27-Dihydroxycholesterol-[d6] 2260669-26-7 Inquiry
BLP-011263 7α,27-Dihydroxycholesterol-[d6] 2260669-25-6 Inquiry
BLP-011262 7α,24(R/S)-Dihydroxycholestenone-[d7] 2260669-21-2 Inquiry

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with isotope-labeled steroids. We offer a complete range of labeled steroids standards, and the related products we provide include cholesterol, lanosterol, sitosterol, glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids,  sex hormones, etc.

What are Steroids?

Steroids are a general term for a large class of cyclopentane-fused perhydrophenanthrene derivatives widely distributed biologically. Steroids are commonly used in research for biology, medicine, pharmacy, and other fields due to their various physiological functions.

Isotope-labeled Steroids

Isotope labeling techniques are widely used in the study of steroid metabolism. Using isotope-labeled steroids as internal standards, quantitative detection of steroids and metabolites can be achieved. This method upregulates the sensitivity and accuracy of quantitative detection of steroids and assists in disease monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.

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