Labelled APIs

Catalog Product Name CAS Number Inquiry
BLP-014112 Metolcarb-[d3] 1777782-68-9 Inquiry
BLP-011730 Meloxicam-[d3] 942047-63-4 Inquiry
BLP-013130 Sulfadimethoxine-[d6] 73068-02-7 Inquiry
BLP-013865 Iopamidol-[d8] 1795778-90-3 Inquiry
BLP-013858 Dolutegravir-[d6] 1407166-95-3 Inquiry
BLP-013829 Cicletanine-[d4] hydrochloride 1189491-41-5 Inquiry
BLP-013823 Arundic Acid-[d3] 1246816-50-1 Inquiry
BLP-013822 Ketotifen-[d3] fumarate 1795138-23-6 Inquiry
BLP-013815 Ioxilan-[d4] 1346598-82-0 Inquiry
BLP-013806 Isometheptene-[d3] Maleate 1795136-87-6 Inquiry
BLP-013800 Indoramin-[d5] hydrochloride 1794970-78-7 Inquiry
BLP-013799 Obeticholic acid-[d5] 1992000-80-2 Inquiry
BLP-013796 Granisetron-[d3] 1224925-64-7 Inquiry
BLP-013789 Lumiracoxib-[d6] 1225453-72-4 Inquiry
BLP-013787 (R)-(+)-Celiprolol-[d9] hydrochloride 1330045-90-3 Inquiry
BLP-013786 S-(+)-Arundic Acid-[d3] 1246819-98-6 Inquiry
BLP-013784 Nintedanib-[d3] 1624587-84-3 Inquiry
BLP-013783 Benzthiazide-[d7] 1794768-22-1 Inquiry
BLP-013781 Mangostin-[d3] 1185047-73-7 Inquiry
BLP-013778 Imidapril-[d3] hydrochloride 1356017-30-5 Inquiry

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with isotope-labeled APIs. We offer a complete range of labeled APIs standards. We offer stock or custom API standards that can be used as internal standards. All products come with comprehensive analytical data files and are of high chemical purity.

What are APIs?

API, also known as active pharmaceutical ingredient, refers to any substance or mixture of substances used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. This substance becomes an active ingredient of medicines when it is used in medicine and cannot be taken directly by patients. Generally speaking, after adding excipients and processing, API can be made into medicines that can be used directly. APIs are usually prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology. APIs have pharmacological activity or other direct effects in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. API can also affect the function or structure of the organism. Drugs rely on tightly controlled APIs. Many medicines combine multiple active ingredients. Interactions between active ingredients can affect the function of the drug. The research methods and technologies of APIs include chiral technology, combinatorial chemistry, cell and molecular biology, protein engineering, genetic engineering, computer-aided drug design, etc. Applications for APIs include oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system and neurological disorders, endocrinology, and more.

Isotope-Labeled APIs

Isotope-labeled API is a chemical reagent that contains one or several isotopic atoms in the molecule, and uses its traceability for analytical determination. The chemical properties of the reagents replaced by isotopes are usually unchanged except for isotopic effects. Therefore, isotope-labeled reagents can participate in similar chemical reactions and are widely used as tracers to study the laws of substance movement and change.

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