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Stable Isotope Testing Services

Stable isotope as a tracer has been used extensively in the fields of medicine, agriculture, biology, food, environment, etc. The detection of stable isotopes is significant to studying environmental changes, plant growth and metabolism.

BOC Sciences provide stable isotopes (such as 13C, 15N, 18O, 2H, etc.) analysis and determination services for various research fields. Our laboratory is equipped with isotope-ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS), element analyzers, gas chromatography, mass spectrometer, and other state-of-the-art equipment to analyze samples' isotope ratio and element content. Our technical team is responsible for related testing, instrument operation, and maintenance to ensure that the test results are reliable and repeatable. Our services provide customers with fast and accurate stable isotope testing services as well as professional technical consulting.

Detection Principle

A group of nuclides with the same protons number but different neutrons numbers are called isotopes. Stable isotopes are a class of isotopes that are not radioactive. Usually, molecules containing stable isotopes have the same macro-chemical and biological properties as normal molecules, but there are differences in physical properties. Nevertheless, the difference in physical properties between isotopes can be used to separate and analyze isotopes effectively.

Testing Equipment

  • Isotope-ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS)
  • Using modern "continuous flow" technology to determine isotope ratio of the sample with high precision and accuracy.

  • Element analyzer
  • In conjunction with IRMS to convert solid and liquid samples into gases for isotope ratio measurement, enhancing a complete stable isotope analysis.

  • Gas Chromatograph (GC)
  • Used for stable isotope analysis of monomer compounds.

  • Mass spectrometer (MS)
  • MS is a common method in stable isotope analysis technique for almost all elements.

BOC Sciences possessed advanced analytical instruments related to stable isotope determining, and can analyze and determine the isotope of C, H, O, N and other elements in different substances. We provide comprehensive support in stable isotope analysis and determination for customers' research projects.

Our Advantages

  • Extensive experience and comprehensive services
  • Short detection cycle, low detection cost, and accurate data science
  • Advanced testing equipment and strong testing team
  • Strictly protect customer privacy
  • Satisfying after-sales service

Stable isotope  detection process Stable isotope detection process

Our Service Items (Including but not Limited to the Following Items)

Isotopic Composition Analysis

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment such as stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph, elemental analyzer, etc., and mainly conducts compositional analysis of stable isotopes such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Isotopic Abundance Determination

We provide 13C, 15N, 18O, 2H(D) isotope abundance determination services in samples such as plants, soil, water, gas, and labeling reagents.

Isotopic Content Determination

The detection of stable isotope content is very important for the research of environmental change, plant growth, metabolism and so on. We give priority to the use of continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) for the determination of isotope content in solid organic matter, soil, dry powder, gas and other samples

Chemical Purity Analysis

We generally use gas chromatography or liquid chromatography to provide customers with scientific chemical purity analysis solutions, which are widely used in the development and analysis of stable isotope labeling reagents.

Impurity Analysis

We use various techniques to separate, analyze and identify impurities in isotope measurement materials, and analyze the content of impurities by measuring the change of isotope abundance ratio to provide a scientific basis for the development and production of isotope reagents.

Structure Identification

We provide structural identification technical services to global customers through nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), MS, hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) and other technical means.

Analytical Capabilities

We have a professional isotope analysis service team with comprehensive analysis capabilities such as stable isotope dilution, stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, NMR, and elemental analysis.

Our Projects Workflow

  1. Customers fill out inquiry forms.
  2. Telephone or email communication for sample delivery (from customers).
  3. BOC Sciences conducts an initial samples inspection and develops a test plan.
  4. BOC Sciences quotes prices based on customer testing needs and testing types.
  5. Both parties confirm test plan and sign confidentiality agreements.
  6. Testing begins.
  7. Upon experiment completion, BOC Sciences sorted out all data and issued a test report.
  8. Mailing of test report.
  9. After-sales service, solve difficult after-sales problems.

BOC Sciences' stable isotope testing service preferentially selects IRMS for continuous analysis to ensure high accuracy. The detection samples range from natural abundance to tracer samples. With our advanced laboratory equipment and professional technical team, BOC Sciences provides customers with comprehensive scientific and experimental solutions and strong technical support.

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