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Isotopic Content Determination

BOC Sciences has developed isotopic assay techniques for different research. We give priority to the continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) for the determination of isotope content, which reduces the error caused by human factors and ensures the high precision of the analysis. Determination of samples can range from natural abundance to tracer samples.


An isotope is an atom of an element that occupies the same position in the periodic table and has the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons in its nucleus. Most elements are combinations of two or more isotopes. According to the conditions of isotope production, isotopes can be divided into natural isotopes (such as 3H, 14C, 18O, etc.) and artificial isotopes (such as artificial 3H, 60Co, 82Br, etc.). According to structural stability, isotopes can be divided into stable isotopes (such as 2H, 13C, 12C, etc.) and radioactive isotopes (such as 3H, 14C, 238U, etc.). Radioactive isotopes decay steadily, transforming into other elements. Stable isotopes, on the other hand, neither decay nor change in quantity over time. Molecules containing stable isotopes have the same chemical properties as normal molecules, but there are certain differences in physical properties. The content of stable isotopes in nature can change with physical and chemical changes. The detection of stable isotope content is of great significance to the study of environmental changes, plant growth, metabolism and so on.

Basic isotope structureFig. 1 Basic isotope structure

Stable isotope content determination instrument

  • Integra2

Integra2 combines IRMS and Elemental Analyzer (EA) to form an EA-IRMS online system, which is widely used in food quality control, soil carbon cycle research, and soil-plant nitrogen cycle research. Integra2 adopts fully automatic operation and provides hundreds of optional sample positions, which can be carried out for testing and complete the testing work from the source. Integra2 can simultaneously measure 13C and 15N samples, providing the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

  • Isoprime 100

Isoprime series stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers provide advanced and efficient isotope content determination solutions, and have excellent performance in the fields of geological science, environmental science, medicine, biology and food. We introduced the Isoprime 100 stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, which can not only measure the total nitrogen and total carbon in solid substances such as soil and plants, but also analyze the stable isotope ratio of nitrogen, carbon and oxygen.

Stable isotope content determination service

Our advanced stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry detection instrument can measure and output multiple isotope results at the same time, eliminating the trouble of measuring one by one, saving time and cost for customers.

Measurable IsotopesMeasurable SamplesRepeatable Types
13C, 15N, 18OSolid organic matterIntegra2/Isoprime 100
13C, 15N, 18OSoilIntegra2/Isoprime 100
13C, 15N, 18ODry powder/GasIntegra2/Isoprime 100

Isotope content relates to sugar, nuclear engineering, metrology and measurement synthesis, non-destructive testing, soil science, analytical chemistry, laboratory medicine, etc. BOC Sciences continuously optimizes detection methods, standardizes workflow, and improves work efficiency on the premise of ensuring quality, allowing customers to obtain more confirmed isotope content data at a faster speed.

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