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Pesticides can be used to kill insects, fungi and other organisms that harm crop growth. Many pesticides have been found to be very harmful to humans and animals, so they have been banned in many countries. BOC Sciences is focused on providing pesticide metabolite standards as studies focus on the exposure effects and metabolic pathways of the parent compound.

Insecticides and Metabolite Standards

Insecticides are a class of chemicals mainly used to control agricultural pests and urban sanitation pests. Insecticides include organochlorine insecticides, organophosphate insecticides, carbamate insecticides, pyrethroids, nereistoxins, neonicotinoids, benzoylureas, antibiotics, etc.

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Acaricides and Metabolite Standards

Acaricides are a class of chemicals used to control herbivorous mites. According to the mechanism of action, acaricides can be divided into nerve poisons, mitochondrial respiration inhibitors, growth inhibitors and others.

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Fungicides and Metabolite Standards

Fungicides are a class of chemicals used to control plant diseases. The mechanisms of fungicides include affecting cell structure and function, inhibiting respiration, interfering with the synthesis and function of metabolites, and inducing disease resistance in host plants.

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Nematicides and Metabolite Standards

The most important measures to control nematodes are chemical control, biological control, tillage and cultivation measures. Among them, the use of chemical nematicides and biological nematicides to control plant nematodes is the most simple and effective method.

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Herbicide spraying

Herbicides are a class of chemicals that kill weeds or harmful plants without affecting the normal growth of crops. Such agents can be used to control weeds in agricultural fields or to kill weeds or shrubs in non-agricultural fields. Herbicides can be classified according to their mode of action, conduction, application method, chemical structure, and mechanism of action.

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Plant Growth Regulator

Plant growth regulators can be synthetic chemical substances or natural plant hormones extracted from microorganisms, which can regulate the growth and development of plants. The use of plant growth regulators in agricultural production can effectively regulate the growth and development process of crops.

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