Labelled Metabolites

Catalog Product Name CAS Number Inquiry
BLP-012911 Ciprofloxacin-[d8] 1130050-35-9 Inquiry
BLP-012912 Ciprofloxacin-[d8] Hydrochloride 1216659-54-9 Inquiry
BLP-012960 (-)-Citrinin-[13C,d2] 1329611-85-9 Inquiry
BLP-012999 6-Chloropurine-[13C2,15N] 1246816-87-4 Inquiry
BLP-013209 Glycolaldehyde-[1,2-13C2] 478529-69-0 Inquiry
BLP-013210 Glycolaldehyde-[2-13C] 478529-67-8 Inquiry
BLP-013442 Tetrahydrocurcumin-[d6] Inquiry
BLP-013587 3-Hydroxykynurenine-[13C3,15N] 2267306-16-9 Inquiry
BLP-013733 Ceftriaxone-[d3] disodium salt Inquiry
BLP-013734 Ceftriaxone-[d3] 1132650-38-4 Inquiry
BLP-013773 Meconin-[d3] 29809-15-2 Inquiry
BLP-013781 Mangostin-[d3] 1185047-73-7 Inquiry
BLP-013826 Cefprozil-[d4] Inquiry
BLP-013845 Lanoconazole-[d3] 1185241-05-7 Inquiry
BLP-013852 Medrylamine-[d5] hydrochloride 1329797-57-0 Inquiry
BLP-014002 Prulifloxacin-[d8] 1246819-37-3 Inquiry
BLP-014012 Famciclovir-[d4] 1020719-42-9 Inquiry
BLP-014048 Hydroxy Anacetrapib metabolite-[13C3,15N] Inquiry
BLP-014049 Catechol Anacetrapib metabolite-[13C3,15N] Inquiry
BLP-014115 Lomefloxacin-[d5] Inquiry

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with isotope-labeled metabolites. We offer the broadest range of metabolite and metabolomic standards.


Metabolomics studies the intracellular and extracellular metabolites in biological systems, which provides abundant information for metabolic changes in organisms, and has been widely used in drug development, clinical diagnosis, and pathological research. Most research objects of metabolomics relate to small-molecule metabolites with a molecular weight of less than 1000. Metabolites refer to intermediate and final metabolites produced in activities such as metabolism. As intermediates and final products of biological processes, metabolites are important indicators of physiological processes, pathological processes, and pharmaceutical responses to therapeutic interventions. Studying the changes of metabolites provide insight into metabolic pathways and disease mechanisms and contributes to the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of diseases.

Isotope-labeled Metabolites

Isotope labeling technology has been characterized by high rapidity, sensitivity, simplicity, accuracy, and localization capability and has become an indispensable technique for studying biological metabolism. Isotope-labeled metabolites enable the accurate identification of complex metabolites and trace biosynthetic pathways of specific compounds. Moreover, isotopic types and ratios of metabolites provide valuable information for further research. With the help of isotope labeling technology, we can track the metabolic laws of labeled compounds in the body, clarify the activity trajectories of isotope-labeled metabolites in relevant metabolic pathways, and discover the corresponding relationship between metabolites and physiological pathological changes so to explore the mechanism of disease. Isotope-labeled metabolites have been widely used in the study of metabolism, revealing the complexity and plasticity of metabolism and enlightening effective methods for preventing and treating disease.

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