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Oxygen 18 (18O) is one such isotope of oxygen which has a wide range of applications, both in scientific and industrial areas. It is a stable isotope, which is commonly employed in research and development, in areas such as chemistry, biology, medicine, environmental science, and geology. BOC Sciences will continuously offer customers with high quality and stable oxygen-18 labeled peptides, amino acids, nucleic acids, steroids, APIs, impurities, inhibitors, metabolites, carbohydrates, polymers, fatty acids and chemical lipids as well as other necessary experimental reagentschematic illustration of the metabolic fate of omoplatase in vivo. For more types of custom stable isotope services, please feel free to contact us.

What is Oxygen 18?

Oxygen is a vital element, and it is also the most abundant element in the earth's crust. Furthermore, oxygen is an essential component of various biological cells and is used as a standard for measuring the atomic weight of other elements. The oxygen element in nature exists in the three stable isotopes form, including oxygen-16 (16O), oxygen-17 (17O), and oxygen-18 (18O). Oxygen-16 is the most common form of oxygen isotope, with a natural abundance of more than 99%, while Oxygen-17 can be used as an ion to bombard the target material. Oxygen-18 is used as a tracer atom and extensively used in modern high-tech fields (life science, medicine, pharmacy, environmental science, geology, etc.).

 Isotopes of carbon, including oxygen 16, oxygen 17, and oxygen 18.

Key Properties of Oxygen 18

  • Atomic Mass: 17.99915961 Da
  • Relative Isotopic Mass: 17.99915961 Da
  • Neutron Number (N): 10
  • Proton Number (Z): 8
  • Mass Number (A): 18
  • Half-life: Stable

What are Oxygen-18 Labeled Compounds?

Oxygen-18 labeled compound refers to a non-radioactive labeled compound in which the stable isotope oxygen-18 replaces the original oxygen in the compound as a label. Various compounds containing the oxygen-18 label are widely used in chemistry, biology, medicine, environmental science, geology and other fields.

Applications of Oxygen-18 Labeled Compounds


Oxygen-18 labeled compounds could be used in the chemical reaction process, chemical reaction mechanism, chemical reaction kinetics, compound structure, and organic matter analysis.


Oxygen-18 labeled compounds could be used in photosynthesis and biological metabolism research.


In drug research, oxygen-18 labeled compounds can quickly clarify the law of drug activity and metabolic pathways in the body, which is a powerful tool to promote the development of new drugs. Oxygen-18 labeled compounds are also conducive to developing new positron-emitting drugs.

Environmental Science

Heavy oxygen water can be used as a tracer of the natural environment on the surface and groundwater discover the source of pollution.


Oxygen-18 labeled compounds can be used to explore the process and causes of geological formation.

Oxygen-18 Water

Oxygen-18 water (H218O) is a compound where the Oxygen-18 isotope is incorporated into water molecules. This form of water is particularly useful in various scientific fields due to its unique properties. At BOC Sciences, we produce high-purity Oxygen-18 water through a meticulous enrichment process. Initially, Oxygen-18 is enriched in the form of D218O (water labeled with both deuterium and Oxygen-18). This intermediate product is then further processed and purified to obtain H218O. Our production techniques ensure that the final product has an isotopic richness above 98%. This unique compound finds extensive applications across various scientific disciplines due to its ability to act as a tracer and its compatibility with biological systems. Below are some key applications of Oxygen-18 water:

Metabolic Studies

Administered to organisms, Oxygen-18 water tracks through metabolic processes, aiding in nutritional and physiological research.

Biological Imaging

Used in Positron Emission Tomography, Oxygen-18 water creates radiotracers for non-invasive imaging of biological functions.

Environmental Tracing

As a tracer in hydrological studies, Oxygen-18 water helps identify water sources and assess environmental impacts.

Agricultural Sciences

By tracing water movement in plants, Oxygen-18 water aids in optimizing crop production and water conservation.

Pharmaceutical Research

In drug metabolism studies, Oxygen-18 water enables tracking drug fate and metabolism pathways, enhancing therapeutic development.

Advantages of BOC Sciences' Oxygen-18 Products

BOC Sciences special offers Oxygen-18 isotopes for clients with a range of benefits to support our products. These are the advantages of having Oxygen-18 products with us:

Exceptional Purity and Quality

Whether it is gas, water or labeled compounds, our Oxygen-18 products are the best that you can find in terms of purity. We use high production grade processes to guarantee this yield is delivered consistently in your research.

Versatility Across Various Applications

Oxygen-18 isotope is proud to offer a wide range of products that can be employed in applications from chemical syntheses, biological research and medical diagnostics to environmental analyses. This makes it an essential resource for researchers across a variety of fields.

Dedicated Expertise and Support

We are experts with more than 20 years of industry experience at BOC Sciences. Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you select the product and assist with technical support to ensure that your projects are successful.

Tailored Solutions

Understand the specificity of each research, we developed customized solutions tailored to your needs. Our products are available from stock ranging to exacting specifications, such as precise isotopic enrichment levels or specific chemical forms.


1: Which statement is true about oxygen 17 and oxygen 18?

Oxygen-17 and oxygen-18 are isotopes of oxygen. The sole variation among them is the atomic structure, neutron count specifically. Each oxygen-18 atom contains eight protons and 10 neutrons, whereas in oxygen-17 there are eight protons and nine neutrons. In the past, researchers have to evaluate isotopologues in scientific research, including geochemistry and paleoclimatology, to learn processes such as the water cycle and climate change because they are abundant in nature.

2: How many neutrons does oxygen 18 have?

Oxygen-18 has 10 neutrons.

3: How many protons are in oxygen 18?

Oxygen-18 has 8 protons.

4: Does oxygen 15 exist?

Yes. Oxygen-15, a radionuclide with a half-life of 2.05 minutes, is employed in basic chemical forms for PET scans to investigate oxygen metabolism, blood flow, and blood volume in humans.

5: What is the isotope oxygen used for?

In the earth sciences and environmental sciences, they are used as isotope tracers in the study of isotopic exchange processes, and as oxygen isotopes are often a primary characteristic of shell material, hard parts of organisms, blood or bones oxygen isotope values have been used to track sources of ecological goods and marketed products that rely on these goods. Furthermore, oxygen isotopes are helpful in biology research, including respiration and metabolic research.

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