Catalog Product Name CAS Number Inquiry
BLP-008478 Levodopa-[2,3-13C2,4-hydroxy-18O] 202468-50-6 Inquiry
BLP-008096 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetic acid-[13C6,18O] 202468-57-3 Inquiry
BLP-007614 Vitamin K1-[18O] (Mixture of 1-[18O] and 4-[18O]) 79083-00-4 Inquiry
BLP-006475 Chloric Acid-[18O3] Potassium Salt 82664-91-3 Inquiry
BLP-003947 Pyrophosphoric Acid-[18O7] 1257293-46-1 Inquiry
BLP-003424 Benzoic Acid-[18O2] 17217-84-4 Inquiry
BLP-002666 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetic Acid-[13C,18O2] 1189915-73-8 Inquiry
BLP-000235 Dimethyl sulfoxide-[18O] 87893-62-7 Inquiry
BLP-000138 Chlorzoxazone-[13C,15N,18O] 1173023-63-6 Inquiry
BLP-010978 Acetic acid-[18O2] 17217-83-3 Inquiry
BLP-010124 Urea-[18O] 3138-51-0 Inquiry
BLP-011171 Formamide-[18O] 51284-92-5 Inquiry
BLP-011097 Deuterium oxide-[18O] 14674-67-0 Inquiry
BLP-012736 D-Glucose-[1-18O] 3343-70-2 Inquiry
BLP-009905 L-Leucine-[18O2] 73579-45-0 Inquiry
BLP-010132 Water-[18O] 14314-42-2 Inquiry
BLP-001603 Carbon dioxide-[13C,18O2] 2684-00-6 Inquiry
BLP-007252 Cholesterol-[3-18O] 59613-51-3 Inquiry
BLP-001100 N-Methylformamide-[18O] 300575-29-5 Inquiry
BLP-009990 Methanol-[18O] 5770-05-8 Inquiry

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with high-quality and stable isotope oxygen-18 labeled peptides, amino acids, nucleic acids, steroids, APIs, impurities, inhibitors, metabolites, carbohydrates, polymers, fatty acids and lipids, as well as other products.


Oxygen is a vital element, and it is also the most abundant element in the earth's crust. Furthermore, oxygen is an essential component of various biological cells and is used as a standard for measuring the atomic weight of other elements. The oxygen element in nature exists in the three stable isotopes form, including oxygen-16 (16O), oxygen-17 (17O), and oxygen-18 (18O). Oxygen-16 is the most common form of oxygen isotope, with a natural abundance of more than 99%, while Oxygen-17 can be used as an ion to bombard the target material. Oxygen-18 is used as a tracer atom and extensively used in modern high-tech fields (life science, medicine, pharmacy, environmental science, geology, etc.).

Oxygen-18 labeled compounds

Oxygen-18 labeled compound refers to a non-radioactive labeled compound in which the stable isotope oxygen-18 replaces the original oxygen in the compound as a label. Various compounds containing the oxygen-18 label are widely used in chemistry, biology, medicine, environmental science, geology and other fields.

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