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Labelled Impurities

Product List

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with isotope-labeled impurities . We provide labeled impurities standards of high quality and low price to all companies or institutions with R&D needs or quality control. We offer stock or custom labeled impurities standards that can be used as internal standards. All products come with comprehensive analytical data files and are of high chemical purity.

What are Impurities?

Impurities are undesired chemical constituents in active pharmaceutical ingredients or pharmaceutical formulations. Impurities have no therapeutic effect and may affect the stability and efficacy of the drug or affect the scientific management of the drug. Some impurities even have toxic side effects and damage human health. Impurities in drugs may come from various links such as drug production, storage, and sales. Impurities come from various sources and typically include starting materials, intermediates, by-products, degradation products, and the like. The existence of impurities not only affects the quality of drugs, but also reflects the problems existing in the process of production, storage and transportation. Therefore, impurity research is an important part of drug research and development.

Isotope-Labeled Impurities

In drug development, production, transportation, storage, etc., it is necessary to maintain the purity of the active ingredients of the drug, reduce the impurity content of the drug, and maximize the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Impurities standards can be used for the identification, inspection and content determination of impurities and related substances. The use of impurities standards brings time and cost savings to drug development. Isotope-labeled impurities standards contain one or more isotopic atoms in their molecules. Except for isotopic effects, the chemical properties of isotopically substituted impurities standards are generally unchanged. Thus, labeled impurities standards can participate in similar chemical reactions and are traceable.

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