Labelled Peptides

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive variety of isotope-labeled peptides. We offer a complete range of labeled peptides with stable quality, and our custom peptides labeled with stable isotopes include 2H (deuterium), 15N, 13C.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are organic compounds formed by the dehydration of amino acids and are intermediates of protein hydrolysis. Many peptides are synthesized in the nervous system, lymphoid tissue, and endocrine system. Peptides have strong biological activities and can regulate the functional activities of cells in living organisms, and maintain various roles in medicine, cosmetics, food, and other fields.

What are Isotope-labeled Peptides?

Isotope-labeled peptides refer to peptides in which one or multiple atoms are substituted by isotopes atoms (such as 2H, 13C, 18O, 15N). Isotope-labeled peptides are mainly used for food safety, metabolomics, proteomics, and other fields.

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