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Isotopic Abundance Determination

BOC Sciences can provide various isotope abundance detection services for global customers. As a company with efficient management, first-class technology, comprehensive service and customer trust, we have long been committed to promoting the rapid development of the isotope analysis and testing industry.


Atoms with the same number of protons have different masses due to the number of neutrons contained in the nucleus, and these atoms are called isotopes. Having too many or too few neutrons compared to protons can lead to isotopic instability. These unstable radioactive isotopes will decay into stable isotopes. Due to the unique stable combination of protons and neutrons, isotopes that do not decay are stable isotopes. The relative amounts of various isotopes of an element present in nature are called isotopic abundances. Isotopic abundance determination has important applications in geology, chemistry, biology, medicine and other fields.

Service items (including but not limited to the following items)

Sample typesService items
13C urea13C isotopic abundance determination
13C labeling reagents13C isotopic abundance determination
15N labeling reagents15N isotopic abundance determination
18O labeling reagents18O isotopic abundance determination
2H (D) labeling reagents2H (D) isotopic abundance determination
PlantIsotopic abundance determination
SoilIsotopic abundance determination
WaterIsotopic abundance determination
GasIsotopic abundance determination

Expression method of abundance determination result

  • δ value (delta value)

When determining the natural abundance of stable isotopes, it is generally expressed by the δ value, and the unit is the difference per thousand (‰, per mill). It is the per-thousandth deviation of the isotope ratio of the analyzed sample relative to the laboratory reference material (working standard), and then convert this value into the δ value relative to the international isotope standard.

Isotopic Abundance Determination

Among them, Rsample: the isotope ratio of the sample; Rstandard: the isotope ratio of the laboratory reference material (working standard)

δ > 0, indicating that the sample is enriched in heavy isotopes relative to the standard

δ < 0, indicating that the sample is depleted of heavy isotopes relative to the standard

δ = 0, indicating that the sample has the same isotope ratio as the standard

  • Atomic percent (atom%)

In the stable isotope tracer experiment, the isotope abundance expressed in atomic percent is used. This is an absolute measurement of the number of atoms of a particular isotope contained in 100 atoms of an element. For example, the element carbon (C) has two stable isotopic forms, 12C and 13C. The percentage of 13C atoms in the total carbon atoms (12C +13C) is the atomic percentage of 13C (13C atom%), also known as the abundance of 13C.

Isotopic Abundance Determination

Service Process

  • Online consultation or telephone communication
  • Send samples
  • Initial inspection of samples
  • Quotation according to customer testing requirements and experimental complexity
  • The two parties confirmed, signed a confidentiality agreement, and started the experiment
  • Complete the experiment (the testing period will vary according to the samples, testing items and testing methods, please consult technical personnel)
  • Issue isotope abundance determination report
  • After-sales service

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