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Chemical Purity Analysis

BOC Sciences is committed to providing high quality analytical services for chemical purity. Our analytical laboratory has advanced instruments, a strong team, and strictly controls the experimental details to provide customers with scientific solutions and strong technical support.


In the development and analysis of stable isotope-labeled reagents, chemical purity is a very important indicator. Chemical purity analysis is generally performed by gas chromatography or liquid chromatography. The chromatographic retention behavior of stable isotope-labeled compounds and naturally-abundant unlabeled compounds is consistent, often at the same retention time. Therefore, the purity of labeled compounds is usually analyzed using standards of natural abundance.

Service Items (Including but Not Limited to the Following Items)

Sample typesService items
13C urea and its kitChemical purity
13C labeling reagentsChemical purity
15N labeling reagentsChemical purity
18O labeling reagentsChemical purity
2H (D) labeling reagentsChemical purity

Technical Methods (Including but Not Limited to the Following Items)

  • Calculation formula

Chemical Purity Analysis

Among them, Csample is the purity of the sample; Cstandard is the purity of the standard substance; Asample is the peak area of the sample; Astandard is the peak area of the standard substance; r is the relative molecular mass correction coefficient.

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Purity Analysis

Using high-performance liquid chromatography and external standard method, a standard curve was established, and a chemical purity analysis method for stable isotope-labeled samples was established. The specific process is to use the HPLC method to analyze a series of standard solutions with gradient concentrations, draw a standard curve, and obtain the corresponding relational formula. Using the external standard method, the chemical purity of the sample was calculated according to the formula.

  • Gas Chromatography (GC) Purity Analysis

The stable isotope-labeled compound is used as a sample for chemical purity analysis, and the peak area of the ion flow diagram is obtained by using a gas chromatograph, thereby realizing the determination of chemical purity. The specific process is to prepare a series of standard solutions of unlabeled compounds with concentration gradients, use GC to analyze, plot the concentration versus peak area, draw a standard curve, and finally calculate the chemical purity of the sample according to the formula.

Our Advantages

  • Professional team

The formal inspection team has many years of technical accumulation and a wide range of services.

  • Professional instrument

Advanced detection equipment, excellent performance, reliable data.

  • The person responsible

Specialized technicians are responsible for sample processing and data analysis.

  • Caring service

Consult technical and data analysis issues at any time, perfect after-sales service, cost-effective price, various test discounts, efficient analysis speed, scientific and accurate data report.

  • Strictly confidential

All experiments have signed a confidentiality agreement to protect customer privacy.

Service Process

  • Consult online or call to communicate
  • Send samples for analysis
  • Quotation after evaluation by technicians
  • Sign an agreement and conduct in-depth experiments
  • Complete the test on time and issue an analysis report
  • Send back the report, exclusive after-sales service

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