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Isotopic Composition Analysis

Relying on a professional team with strong business capabilities, BOC Sciences mainly conducts stable isotope composition analysis of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), etc., and provides accurate analysis data for research fields such as geology, minerals, environment, agriculture, ecology, petroleum, natural gas, ocean, energy, etc.


Isotopic composition refers to the relative content of each isotope of an element in a sample. It can be expressed by abundance, but also by ratio or delta value.

Service Scope

  • Analysis of C and O isotopic compositions of carbonate cements in carbonates and sedimentary rocks
  • Analysis of H and O isotope composition of water samples
  • Analysis of C and N isotope composition in sediment, soil and plant samples
  • O isotope analysis of quartz, magnetite and other single minerals and silicates
  • Analysis of H and C isotopic compositions of single mineral inclusions
  • Analysis of N isotope composition in nitrate and nitrate
  • Analysis of C and H isotopic compositions of hydrocarbon gases such as acidolysis hydrocarbons and alkanes
  • Analysis of C isotope composition of organic matter such as kerogen.
  • Analysis of H, C, N isotope composition of individual compounds in oil, natural gas and source rock samples

Analysis Models

  • Bulk Sample Isotope Analysis (BSIA)

BSIA is an analysis of the isotope ratios of all compounds in a sample. BSIA first converts C, H, O, and N in the sample into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen through EA, and then is separated by GC and introduced into an isotope ratio chromatograph for analysis.

  • Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)

CSIA enables isotopic composition analysis of individual compounds in complex samples. The samples were first separated by GC. The obtained single compound is introduced into an isotope ratio chromatograph for analysis after combustion and reduction.

  • Position Specific Isotope Analysis (PSIA)

PSIA is an analysis of the isotope ratio of atoms at specific positions within a molecule.

Isotopic Composition Analysis

Service Equipment

Our laboratory is equipped with MAT 253 stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, DELTA V Advantage stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph (GC), elemental analyzer (EA), mass spectrometer, vacuum sample pretreatment device and other state-of-the-art equipment to analyze the isotopic composition of samples. Our professional technical team is responsible for related testing, instrument operation and maintenance to ensure reliable analysis results.

  • MAT 253 stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer

MAT 253 stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer can realize stable isotope analysis of C, H, O, N and other stable isotopes of various samples (such as oil, natural gas, rock minerals, sediments, plants, water bodies, etc.) through the combination of GC, EA and other auxiliary equipment.

  • DELTA V Advantage stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer

DELTA V Advantage stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer is specially used for O isotope composition analysis of quartz, magnetite, zircon, silicate whole rock and other rock minerals.

  • Sample pretreatment equipment

We use different sample pretreatment equipment for different sample characteristics. Sample pretreatment equipment includes inclusion isotope sample treatment equipment, water sample pretreatment equipment, acidolysis hydrocarbon sample pretreatment equipment, nitrogen and oxygen isotope pretreatment equipment in nitrate and nitrate ions, etc. The equipment is easy to operate and has excellent performance, which can meet the pretreatment of a large number of samples.

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