Furfuryl Mercaptan-[d2]

General Information
Catalog: BLP-000621
CAS: 136430-22-3
Molecular Formula: C5H4D2OS
Molecular Weight: 116.18
Related CAS: 98-02-2 (unlabelled)
Description Furfuryl Mercaptan-[d2] is the labelled analogue of Furfuryl Mercaptam. Furfuryl Mercaptam belongs to the class of organic compounds known as heteroaromatic compounds. Furfuryl Mercaptam exists in all eukaryotes, ranging from yeast to humans. Furfuryl Mercaptam is a volatile flavor component of corn tortilla chips.
Synonyms 2-Furanmethane-α,α-d2 thiol; Furfuryl mercaptan-(methylene-d2); Furfuryl-d2 Thiol; (Furan-2-yl)(2H2)methanethiol; DTXSID50661988; 2-Furanmethanethiol-d2; α,α-Dideutero-2-furfurylthiol; (2-Furanyl)methylmercaptan-d2; 2-(Mercaptomethyl)furan-d2; 2-Furfurylmercaptan-d2; 2-Furfurylthiol-d2; 2-Furylmethanethiol-d2; 2-Furylmethyl-d2 Mercaptan; Furan-2-ylmethanethiol-d2; NSC 41142-d2
IUPAC Name dideuterio(furan-2-yl)methanethiol
Canonical SMILES C1=COC(=C1)CS
InChI InChI=1S/C5H6OS/c7-4-5-2-1-3-6-5/h1-3,7H,4H2/i4D2
Purity ≥ 97% (CP); ≥ 97% atom D
Solubility Slightly soluble in Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate, Methanol
Appearance Clear Colourless to Pale Yellow Oil
Storage −20 °C under inert atmosphere

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