Glycopyrrolate Bromide-[d3] (Mixture of Diastereomers)

General Information
Catalog: BLP-006872
Molecular Formula: C19H25D3BrNO3
Molecular Weight: 401.35
Chemical Structure
Glycopyrrolate Bromide-[d3] (Mixture of Diastereomers)
Description Glycopyrrolate Bromide-[d3] (Mixture of Diastereomers) is a labelled analogue of Glycopyrrolate Bromide, a novel pharmaceutical compound based on PDE IV inhibitors used in the treatment of respiratory complaints.
Synonyms 3-[(Cyclopentylhydroxyphenylacetyl)oxy]-1-methyl-1-(methyl-d3)-pyrrolidinium Bromide; 1-methyl-3-pyrrolidyl α-cyclopentylmandelate methobromide-d3; 1-methyl-3-pyrrolidyl α-phenyl-α-cyclopentylglycolate methobromide-d3
Related CAS 596-51-0 (unlabelled)
Melting Point >50°C (Subl.)
Solubility Slightly soluble in Chloroform, Water
Appearance Off-white to Pale Beige Solid
Storage Store at -20°C

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