Hydralazine-[15N4] Pyruvic Acid Hydrazone

General Information
Catalog: BLP-005935
CAS: 1346606-25-4
Molecular Formula: C11H10[15N]4O2
Molecular Weight: 234.20
Related CAS: 67536-13-4 (unlabelled)
Description Hydralazine-[15N4] Pyruvic Acid Hydrazone is a labelled analogue of Hydralazine Pyruvic Acid Hydrazone. A labelled active metabolite of Hydralazine in vivo.
Synonyms 2-[2-(1-Phthalazinyl)hydrazinylidene-5N4]propanoic Acid; 2-(1-Phthalazinylhydrazono-5N4)propanoic Acid; 1-Phthalazinylhydrazone-5N4 Pyruvic Acid

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