L-Asparagine-[amide-15N] monohydrate

General Information
Catalog: BLP-009801
CAS: 204451-47-8
Molecular Formula: C4H10N[15N]O4
Molecular Weight: 151.13
Related CAS: 5794-13-8 (unlabelled)
Chemical Structure
Description L-Asparagine-[amide-15N] monohydrate is a labelled L-Asparagine. Asparagine is a non-essential amino acid biosynthesized from aspartic acid and ammonia. It is a precursor to aspartate.
Synonyms (2S)-4-amino-2-azanyl-4-oxobutanoic acid-15N hydrate
Melting Point 233-235°C (lit.)
Purity 98% by HPLC; 98% atom 15N

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