General Information
Catalog: BLP-009042
Molecular Formula: C20[13C]H23NO4
Molecular Weight: 354.40
Related CAS: 71989-23-6 (unlabelled)
Description Fmoc-Ile-OH-[1-13C] is the labelled analogue of N-Fmoc-L-isoleucine. N-Fmoc-L-isoleucine is an N-Fmoc-protected form of L-Isoleucine. L-Isoleucine is classified as an essential amino acid, and is also a tumour promoter of bladder cancer in rats.
Synonyms Fmoc-L-Isoleucine 1-13C
IUPAC Name (((9H-fluoren-9-yl)methoxy)carbonyl)-L-isoleucine-1-13C
Purity 98% by CP; 99% atom 13C
Storage Store at 2-8°C

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