General Information
Catalog: BLP-004396
CAS: 1850305-60-0
Molecular Formula: C17H10D4BrN3O2S
Molecular Weight: 408.31
Related CAS: 878672-00-5 (unlabelled)
Description Lesinurad-[d4] is one of the isotopic labelled form of Lesinurad. Lesinurad is a selective inhibitor of Urate transporter 1 (URAT1), a urate-anion exchanger which is responsible for the majority of uric acid reabsorption from the renal tubular lumen.
Synonyms 2-[[5-Bromo-4-(4-cyclopropyl-1-naphthalenyl)-4H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl]thio]-acetic acid-d4; RDEA 594 d4
Purity 98% by CP

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