3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid-[d3]

General Information
Catalog: BLP-002747
CAS: 1794970-56-1
Molecular Formula: C7H4D3NO3
Molecular Weight: 156.15
Chemical Structure
3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid-[d3]
Description 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid-[d3] is the labelled analogue of 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid. 3-Hydroxy anthranilic acid is an intermediate in the oxidative metabolism of tryptophan in the kynurenine pathway that demonstrates immunoprotective effects.
Synonyms 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid D3; 2-Amino-3-hydroxybenzoic Acid-d3; NSC 522891-d3
IUPAC Name 2-amino-4,5,6-trideuterio-3-hydroxybenzoic acid
Related CAS 548-93-6 (unlabelled)
Canonical SMILES C1=CC(=C(C(=C1)O)N)C(=O)O
InChI InChI=1S/C7H7NO3/c8-6-4(7(10)11)2-1-3-5(6)9/h1-3,9H,8H2,(H,10,11)/i1D,2D,3D
Melting Point > 223 °C (dec.)
Purity > 98% by HPLC; > 98% atom D
Solubility Slightly soluble in DMSO, Methanol (Heated)
Appearance Very Dark Red Brown Solid
Storage -20 °C under inert atmosphere

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