General Information
Catalog: BLP-002419
Molecular Formula: C20[13C]3H29NO2
Molecular Weight: 354.46
Related CAS: 17230-88-5 (unlabelled)
Description Danazol-[13C3], is the labelled analogue of Danazol. Danazol is a medication used in the treatment of endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease, hereditary angioedema and other conditions.
Synonyms (17α)-Pregna-2,4-dien-20-yno[2,3-d]isoxazol-17-ol-13C3; 17α-Ethynyl-17β− hydroxy-4-androsteno[2,3-d]isoxazole-13C3; Win-17757-13C3; Bonzol-13C3; Cyclomen-13C3; Danazol-13C3
IUPAC Name (1R,3aS,3bR,10aR,10bS,12aS)-1-(ethynyl-13C2)-10a,12a-dimethyl-2,3,3a,3b,4,5,10,10a,10b,11,12,12a-dodecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[7,8]phenanthro[3,2-d]isoxazol-1-ol-9-13C
Melting Point 215-217°C
Purity 96% (CP); 98% atom 13C
Solubility Soluble in Chloroform, Methanol
Appearance White to Off-white Solid
Storage Store at -20°C

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